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      Notice on Implementing the Measures of Guangzhou Talent Green Card System by People's Government of Zengcheng istrict, Guangzhou

      發布時間: 2020-12-08 14:47
      來源: 廣州市增城區人民政府辦公室 字體大小:


        Document by People's Government Office, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou

        ZengFu Ban Gui [2020] No.9

        Notice on Implementing the Measures of Guangzhou Talent Green Card System by People's Government of

        Zengcheng District, Guangzhou  

        To township governments, sub-district offices, district government departments and directly affiliated institutions,

        Measures for Implementing Guangzhou Talent Green Card System in Zengcheng District has been approved at the 77th Executive Meeting of the 2nd Zengcheng District People's Government and is hereby issued. Please comply and implement. If there’s any problem encountered in the implementation process, please report directly to District Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security.

        People’s government of Zengcheng District, Guangzhou

        August 13, 2020


      Measures for Implementing Guangzhou Talent Green Card System in Zengcheng District

        According to the requirements of theNotice of the General Office of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government on Printing and Distributing Guangzhou's Talent Green Card System (Sui Fu Ban Gui [2016] No.5) and the Notice of Guangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Organization Department of Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China on Delegating the Administrative Examination Power of Guangzhou's Talent Green Card (Sui Zu Tong [2019] No.53), these implementation measures are formulated in order to do a good job in undertaking the decentralization of Guangzhou's talent green card review powers, according to the development needs of key industries in Zengcheng District, to speed up the gathering of high-end talent resources at home and abroad, to create a good atmosphere for talent innovation and entrepreneurship, and to give full play to the role of the talent green card system in attracting outstanding talents in key industries.

        1.Conditions for Applying for Talent Green Card

        For those who work or start a business in Zengcheng District of Guangzhou for more than 6 months every year, domestic residents who are not registered in Guangzhou, residents of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macao Special Administrative Region, residents of Taiwan and foreigners, overseas students and other personnel who hold Chinese passports, have permanent (long-term) residence abroad and have no registered permanent residence in China, and those who have legal residence in Guangzhou, can apply for Guangzhou Talent Green Card if they meet one of the following conditions,.

        1.1Talents who meet the requirements of Article 3in Guangzhou Talent Green Card System.

        1.2 High-level talents identified, selected or verified by Zengcheng District, including:

        1.2.1The international top talents, domestic high-end talents and high-level talents of  Zengcheng District who are identified or selected, according to the spirit of the Notice on Printing and Distributing the Measures for Rewarding and Supporting Talents in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou (Trial) (Sui Zeng Zu Tong [2019] No.46) ;

        1.2.2 The leaders of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leading Team and the leading talents of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service in Zengcheng District who are selected according to the spirit of Notice on Printing and Distributing Measures for the Implementation of the Support Plan for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leading Team (Talents) in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou (Zeng Ke Gong Shang Xin Gui Zi [2019] No.1). 

        1.3Talents with full-time regular higher education postgraduate qualifications and doctor's degrees; or talents with the original full-time general higher education postgraduate qualifications and master’s degree granted by "985 Project" or double first-class universities (Class A and Class B); or personnel with full-time postgraduate degrees from the world's top 500 first-class overseas universities and master's degree or above.

        1.4 Those who currently hold senior management positions or technical backbone personnel in key enterprises of the following four categories:

        1.4.1 Industrial construction projects and headquarters enterprises in the annual key projects of the district.

        1.4.2 Last-year top 50 key industrial enterprises in the district; last-year top 30 key enterprises in the district's commercial and trade service industry; small and medium-sized enterprises with high growth.

        1.4.3 No more than 20 major investment promotion projects in the district last year.

        1.4.4 Persons in charge of human resources institutions who introduced in a total of more than 10 high-level talents identified or selected at the provincial level (administrative region) and above from somewhere outside the district last year.

        The list of Category Ⅰ enterprises and talents in this item is provided by the District Development and Reform Bureau, the list of Category Ⅱ and Ⅲ enterprises and talents is provided by the District Bureau of Science and Technology, Industry, Commerce and Information, and the list of Category Ⅳ enterprises and talents is provided by the District Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security 

        Senior management positions or technical backbone personnel are required to have continuously paid social security inthe district for more than 1 year and have full-time bachelor's degree or above; high-level talents at or above the provincial level refer to talents selected for major talent projects (plans) at or above the provincial level.

        The explanation of other relevant terms and additional conditions shall be implemented according to theGuangzhou Talent Green Card Application Guide. 

        2.Application and Approval Procedures

        The whole process of applying for a talent green card is completed online, andhard-copy materials are not accepted. The details are as follows:

        2.1 Online application. The applicant logs into the "Guangzhou Talent Green Card Management System" and fills in and uploads relevant files and attachment materials according to relevant process guidelines.

        2.2Audit. The District Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security shall complete the examination and confirmation within 7 working days from the date of receiving the application files. If there’s any doubt about the application files, the applicant shall cooperate with the inspection or provide relevant supporting materials.

        2.3Preparation of certificates. After receiving the information for making card, the Municipal Public Security Bureau will make the card within 15 working days according to the Guangzhou Talent Green Card Application Guide.

        2.4Issuing card. After the talent green card has been made, the Municipal Public Security Bureau will send it to the District Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security for issuance within 3 working days according to the Guangzhou Talent Green Card Application Guide.

        3. Benefits

        Implemented in accordance with the provisions of Article 5 of the Guangzhou Talent Green Card System.

        4.Supplementary provisions

        Thesemeasures shall come into force as of the date of promulgation and shall be interpreted by the District Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security. The validity period shall be consistent with the Guangzhou Talent Green Card System.

        Method of Disclosure:active disclose

        General SectionⅡ, Office of Zengcheng District People's Government of Guangzhou   

        Issued on August 13, 2020


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