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      Interim Measures for Managing the Special Funds to Support the Modern Agricultural Industrial Park Industry in Zengcheng District

      發布時間: 2020-12-08 17:09
      來源: 區農業農村局 字體大小:

        Chapter I General Provisions

        Article 1 These Measures have been formulated in the light of work reality as required by the “Regulations on Managing the Fiscal Funds for the Modern Agricultural Industrial Parks in Guangdong Province (For trial)” (Yue Nong Nong Gui [2018] No. 2), and to materialize the spirit of other documents such as “Three-Year Action Plan of Zengcheng District in Implementing the Rural Revitalization Strategy (2018 - 2020)”, the “Implementation Plan of Guangzhou for Construction of Modern Agricultural Industrial Parks (2018 - 2020)” and other documents, accelerate the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, intensify the support to the construction of modern agricultural industrial parks, strengthen the industry of enriching people and reviving villages, promote the prosperity of rural industries, standardize the use, supervision and management of the special funds that support the modern agricultural industrial park industry of Zengcheng to enhance the use effectiveness, benefits and effects thereof.

        Article 2 The modern agricultural industrial parks (“Industrial Parks”) mentioned herein refer to the Industrial Parks at city or higher level whose establishment is approved or recognized by the competent authorities.

        The special funds that support the Industrial Park industry mentioned hereinrefer to the funds arranged in the fiscal budget of Zengcheng District to support the construction of the projects in the Industrial Park industry.

        Insuch Measures, responsible bodies refer to the people’s government of the district or the town (sub-district office) where an Industrial Park is located; an implementer refers to the agricultural operator (agricultural enterprises and farmers' specialized cooperatives) that are registered within the scope of Industrial Parks and bear the projects built therein as well as agricultural scientific research institutes and technological promotion entities; operators mean the agricultural operators (agricultural enterprises, farmers’ specialized cooperatives and family farms) that are registered within the scope of Industrial Parks.

        Chapter IISupport Funds and Direction

        Article 3 Support standard. For an Industrial Park constructed upon the approval of competent authorities, the district-level department of finance will provide special supporting funds at the rate of 30 million yuan for a city-level, 50 million yuan for a provincial-level and 100 million yuan for a national-level Industrial Park, which shall be in principle used to support industrial development projects, including industrial integration, technological innovations, transformation of results and agricultural brands.

        Article 4 The special funds may be a combination of project subsidies, farmers’ allowances, reward in lieu of subsidies and loan rate discount. For an agricultural project supported by “reward in lieu of subsidies”, subsidies equal to no more than 45% of the total investment may be granted.

        Article 5 The scope for the use of the special fiscal funds including but not limited to the following aspects (positive list):

        5.1.Planning and consulting, which mean appointing a technical unit to formulate the overall planning and construction schemes, and provide project consulting for an Industrial Park;

        5.2.Production facilities, which mean the construction of facilities concerning greenhouses, processing rooms, water-saving irrigation, integrated water and fertilizers, livestock breeding of livestock, fowls and aquatic products in the purpose of building a leading industry;

        5.3.Industrial integration, which means the upgrading and transformation of the production and processing equipment and facilities for storage, cold chain distribution and circulation of the farm products of the leading industries in the Industrial Parks; provision of matching facilities for a new industry or a new business format (sightseeing and leisure agriculture, e-commerce of farm products, etc.), inspection and testing facilities, as well as informatization, with the construction of 5G facilities as the priority;

        5.4.Land circulation, which means the rent subsidies for circulation of the land in the Industrial Parks, especially in the core areas;

        5.5.Commercialization promotion of scientific and technological innovations and achievements, which means the commercialization promotion and expert team services for the R&D results of the agricultural technologies of the leading industries. One-off reward of 200,000 yuan or 500,000 yuan for every new agricultural variety cultivated by an implementer and operator in an Industrial Park reviewed and approved by Guangdong Province or the state;

        5.6.Agricultural branding, which means the publicity and promotion of the product brands of the leading industries in the Industrial Parks and building of public brands with local characteristics. One-off matching reward will be given on a 1:1 basis based on the standard of the relevant reward policy of Guangzhou Municipality to the implementer and operator of the Industrial Parks that have newly received a nation-level, province-level or city-level title of famous brand-name product or trademark, or that have been newly certified for organic food and green food;

        5.7.Loan rate discount, which means the support of loan interest for the agricultural industrialization projects of the leading industries implemented by the implementers of the Industrial Parks, which will be used to leverage more social capitals into the construction of the Industrial Parks. The discount amount shall not exceed 50% of the total interest generated from the construction investment by an enterprise of the Industrial Parks (calculated at the benchmark loan rate) subject to the discount cap of 1 million yuan for each enterprise. The duration of the discount shall be within 3 years and the funds shall be deemed as having been used upon the effective date of the loan rate discount contract. An implementer that has received the loan rate discount for leading agricultural enterprises and the “Vegetable Basket” shall be excluded from the loan rate discount coverage for the Industrial Parks.

        Article 6The special fiscal funds at district level shall not be used for the following aspects (negative list):

        6.1.Construction of new government buildings;

        6.2.Operating expenses of enterprises (including daily costs, payroll, social insurance premiums, temporary labor costs, non-normal costs);

        6.3.General expenditure such as enterprise debts;

        6.4.Other expenditure irrelevant to the establishment of Industrial Parks.

        Chapter III Project FundsApplication and Requirements

        Article 7 The application for the supporting funds of industrial projects shall be in principle placed under localized management and reported level by level The people’s government of the local town (sub-district office) of an Industrial Park is responsible for the affairs related to the industrial projects withing its jurisdiction, including organizing application, setting performance standards and making initial review; the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the District (“BARA”) is responsible for guiding the implementers in applying for industrial projects, joining the local town or sub-district in handling relevant works concerning the review of the supporting funds for industrial projects, and submitting the project plans to the district government for further review and approval.

        Article 8 The implementer of an Industrial Park shall strengthen weaknesses with its actual needs, objectives and tasks taken into account, to properly handle the early preparations for the annual industrial projects application, collect the basis information for the application, develop the project feasibility report, the performance objectives and the project implementation plan and then submit such application materials to the people’s government of the local town (sub-district office) for review.

        Article 9 The people’s government of the local town (sub-district office) of an Industrial Park shall set up its project database, keep strict control over and place under unified management the projects submitted by the implementer upon their entry into the library, examine and verify the authenticity, legality and feasibility of the industrial projects submitted by the implementer, gather the projects and select the best thereof for submission to the BARA of the district.

        Article 10 Based the industrial project plans recommended and submitted by the people’s government of the local town (sub-district office) of an Industrial Park, the BARA of the district shall evaluate, examine and approve the submitted project plans in the light of the  annual construction objectives and performance appraisal requirements of the Industrial Park before submitting to the people’s government of the district for further review and approval.   

        Chapter IV Management ofFunds Use

        Article 11 Upon approval of the people’s government of the district,for the project supporting plan of an Industrial Park, the BARA of the district will join the people’s government of the local town (sub-district office) of the Industrial Park in organizing the implementation thereof.  

        The district-level functions andthe people’s government of each town (sub-district office) are encouraged to coordinate and integrate the agriculture-involving funds for investment in supporting the infrastructure of Industrial Parks to reach a ratio of at least 2:1 between the funds raised by an enterprise and the special financial funds at district level for supporting Industrial Parks.

        Article 12 The district-level BARA will allocate project support funds according to the project construction progress, while the implementers shall submit fund apllication materials to the people’s government of the local town (sub-district office) for initial reveiw according to the progress of projects, which will be forwarded to the BARA of the district for the allocation of project supporting funds.

        Article 13 The supporting funds for industrial projects will be allocated in two phases. No more than 50% of the fiscal funds may be allocated when the construction progress reaches 50%; when a project is completed, the implementer shall initiate the acceptance application to the BARA of the district, which will organize the acceptance through an intermediary agency or third-party experts together with the people’s government of the local town (sub-district office). The BARA of the district will allocate the remaining part of the fiscal supporting funds on the basis of the acceptance results by experts.

        Article 14 The district-level special supporting funds for Industrial Parks shall be managed in a special account set up by an implementer. For a project that can receive support from both the special funds and other fiscal funds, its implementer may select only one of them rather than both.

        Chapter V Supervision, Inspection and Performance Management

        Article 15 Establish and improve the supervision and inspection system combining daily regulation with special inspection

        15.1.Establish and improve the ledger system of project construction. In terms of the projects applying for fiscal funds, a special ledger shall be set up and improved as per the requirement of “one ledger for one project” in case of any inspection ;

        15.2.Implement the statistics-based monitoring system of fiscal funds. The people’s governments of all related towns (sub-district offices) shall accelerate the adoption of ledgers for fiscal funds, add up the use of the special financial funds before the 30th day of each month and then submit the results to the BARA of the district;

        15.3.Implement the special inspection system for managing the use of fiscal funds. The people’s government of a town (sub-district office) shall organize the special inspection on the use of the special fiscal funds of the local jurisdiction in the current year and then submit the results to the BARA and the Bureau of Finance of the district, which will conduct key inspection in due time;

        15.4.Implement the tracking and auditing system for the use of fiscal funds. The matters related to the special supporting funds for the Industrial Parks shall be incorporated into the key audit items of the district, with the audit department of the district responsible for tracking and auditing every year;

        15.5.Upon the acceptance of a construction project supported by an Industrial Park, a nameplate shall be made and installed at an outstanding place to facilitate the supervision by the departments at all levels and the society.

        Article 16 Establish and improve the whole-process performance management mechanism of the use of fiscal funds.   

        During the formulation of the industrial project plans ofIndustrial Parks, the people’s government of a town (sub-district office) shall guide the implementers in concurrently setting the performance objectives and indicators for the supporting funds before reporting them to the BARA of the district for the record.

        During the implementation of anIndustrial Park project, the BARA, the Bureau of Finance and the Audit Bureau of the district shall guide its implementer through periodic tracking management, supervision and inspection on the progress of the project implementation, fund spending, and achievement of the performance objectives, to make timely adjustment, reasonably control the implementation progress and make sure that the project is implemented in a standardized manner and can achieve the expected performance.

        TheBureau of Finance of the district shall organize key evaluation or introduce third-party evaluation when appropriate to examine and evaluate the performance of fiscal funds.

        Chapter VI Accountability

        Article 17 If an implementer commits any act violating laws and/or disciplines, such as the occupation, detainment and appropriation of fiscal funds, such implementer will be deprived of its qualification as the construction implementer of Industrial Park.It will be named and noticed within the construction scope of the Industrial Parks of the whole district. The disqualified implementer is not allowed to apply for construction project concerning the Industrial Park. If the implementer is suspected of any crime, it shall be turned over to the judicial authorities according to law.

        Article 18 The bodies responsible for the construction of Industrial Parks and competent departments, units and personnel must discharge their respective functions and fulfill their responsibilities. In case of any major management problem in the fiscal funds of the Industrial Parks construction for any above-mentioned party failed to properly fulfill their duties, the responsible party shall be held accountable according to relevant regulations. Anyone who is suspected of a crime shall be turned over to the judicial authorities according to law.

        Chapter VII Supplementary Provisions

        Article 19The special funds granted to support the Industrial Parks shall be in principle implemented within the current budget year. If failed to implement within the current budget year due to factors that include force majeure, it shall be completed within 2 years since the official granting of the funds.

        Article 20Such Measures shall be implemented as from the date of release with a valid term of 5 years. 


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